Tegwyn Hughes

Managing Editor

Tegwyn is a Queen’s University graduate with a BAH in History, and has previously worked as a staff member at The Queen’s Journal and as Editorial Director of Spoon University Queen’s. Her journalism interests include lifestyle, intimacy, and health. Most days you can find Tegwyn with 100 tabs open on her laptop and an iced coffee in her hand. She’s also a Virgo, which tells you a lot.

Maggie Gowland

Contributor Content Editor

Maggie was born three days late and has been showing up too early for just about everything since. She’s a former Queen’s University and current McGill University student, working on her MA in English literature. Her writing career began in the Sports section of The Queen’s Journal, and has cropped up in various publications since.

Pamoda Wijekoon

Internal Content Editor

A recent graduate of Queen’s University and a current student at the Munk School of Global Affairs and Public Policy, Pamoda is spending the COVID-19 shutdown amateur birdwatching and drawing pigeons… lots of pigeons. She keeps busy running The Pigeon’s newsletter, making illustrations, and writing about identity and culture.

Leila El Shennawy

Staff Writer

Leila is currently a journalism student at Carleton University, minoring in Canadian and Indigenous studies. She is also the former op-ed editor of the Charlatan. Her current journalism interests include accessibility, the Ottawa Muslim community, and other community-focused stories.

maia herriot

Staff Writer

Maia Herriot is a Mount Allison graduate who doesn’t want to be a journalist but does make a habit of hanging around places where it’s cool to care and ask questions. She is based in Saskatchewan where she spends most of her time with five troublemaker chickens.

josh kozelj

Staff Writer

Never good with numbers, Josh knew from an early age that he wanted to pursue writing. He is in his fifth and final year as a Creative Writing student at the University of Victoria, and spent three years as a Staff Writer for The Martlet. He’s also written for the Globe and Mail, CBC, and The Tyee. Oftentimes you’ll see Josh running the trails of Victoria in ridiculously short shorts.

Claire Bradbury

Editorial Intern

Claire is a fourth-year journalism student at Ryerson University who likes sharing stories about people and their passions, terrifying social trends, and food. If she’s not writing, you can find her eating copious amounts of chocolate, cheering for the Blue Jays, or talking about her obsession with corduroy.

jo ramsay

Copy Editor

Jo is an editor and writer. She’s the editorial director of Shrapnel, and has worked in publishing and journalism for over five years at places such as PRISM International, This Magazine, Arsenal Pulp Press, Greystone Books, and The Ubyssey. She’s lived in Canada, the UK, and Japan.

david shuman

Copy Editor

David is a second-year Journalism student at the University of King's College in K'jipuktuk/Halifax N.S., and works as Engagement Editor at The Watch and as a reporter at the Eastern Shore Cooperator. He writes on student politics, rural issues, and community. He enjoys taking photos of ducks and listening to folk music in his free time.



Art Director

Amelia is an illustrator currently studying at OCADU. She has a BFA from Queen’s University where she studied oil painting with a minor in art history. For three years, Amelia worked at The Queen’s Journal serving on the video team and later as Production Manager. There she took on every part of the paper she could from writing to print layout and everything in between. Amelia likes disposable cameras and audiobooks, and has radical opinions about lawns.

celina gallardo

Design Editor

Being a huge fan of both quality journalism and Mo Willem's The Pigeon Finds a Hotdog, Celina feels right at home being part of The Pigeon's team. She's a graduate of the Ryerson School of Journalism, where she was the 2019 editor and chief visuals editor of the Ryerson Review of Journalism. She's currently expanding her horizons to UX design and exploring how it can transform digital journalism.

spencer colby

Photos Editor

Spencer is a Carleton University student and photojournalist taking on Communication and Media Studies and Political Science. His photo work involves news and event photography and sports, with his photos being featured in the Ottawa Magazine, Charlatan Newspaper and Carleton’s Capital Current Newspaper. Spencer is usually found wandering the streets, taking photos and documenting life.

nick sokic

Socials Editor

Nicholas is a Western University graduate with a BA in English and creative writing, as well as a master’s in journalism and communications. He has covered arts and culture, business, cannabis and health but he’s up to write about almost anything. When he’s not trying to make a sustainable career in journalism work he’s usually reading.

victor ubaru

Web Developer

Victor is an Aerospace Engineering and Computer Science student with a passion for creating informative and entertaining content. Originally born in Benin City, Nigeria, Victor immigrated to Calgary, A.B. in his early teens. When he’s not writing lab reports or editing podcasts, you can find him taking a nap at the Charlatan offices.


olivia fava

Podcast Producer

Olivia is a Hamilton-based radio host, producer, and freelance writer. A 2019 McMasterLinguistics graduate, she got her start in radio at 93.3 CFMU, first hosting a weekly program and later the station’s daily news magazine. Her work is interdisciplinary, focusing on arts, science, and queer stories.

isaac Würmann

Podcast Host

Isaac is a queer writer and radio guy based in Treaty 1 territory. His words have been in VICE, Canadian Art, Broadview and Gay Iceland, and his voice has been on CBC Radio and various podcasts across the internet. When he was a kid, Isaac’s mom told him to “question authority, but not your mother” and he’s been living by that motto ever since.

thomas o'donnell

Podcast Host

Thomas would describe himself as being exactly like Mukmuk the 2010 Olympic mascot—small, friendly, and from Vancouver Island. Thomas graduated from UBC with a degree in Political Science and Canadian Studies, but they spent nearly every waking minute in the offices of The Ubyssey. They like to write about queer and trans history, libraries and archives, and is looking for people who will listen to his hour long soliloquies on art.

bayleigh marelj

Podcast Host

Bayleigh is a writer, radio host, and journalist based on Lək̓ʷəŋən territory. They studied Journalism at the University of King’s College and got their start hosting on CKDU. Their work focuses on arts and culture with a touch of news. Some of their favourite things include beaded earrings, yellow couches, and their original pressing of Kate Bush’s 1985 album ‘Hounds of Love’.

aaron sousa

Podcast Host

Aaron is a second-year Journalism student and avid photographer at St. Thomas University in Fredericton, N.B. and works as Photo Editor for The Aquinian. Other bylines include CBC Radio, CHSR-FM, Telegraph-Journal, Kings County Record, and Grid City Magazine. You can usually find him snapping photos, procrastinating, or drinking way too much caffeine.

Colton maddigan

Podcast Editor

Colton is a producer, engineer, and mixer from Oshawa ON. After graduating from Metalworks Institute with a business and engineering diploma, he has worked with artists like Dizzy and Crown Lands. His favourite podcasts include: Unstoppable Recording Machine, Dissect, and This Sounds Better.

stephanie Sirois

Podcast Assistant

Stephanie is a print, digital, and broadcast communicator based in New Brunswick. Their work ranges from publicity and marketing, to breaking news and long form culture features. Their work has appeared in CBC, Macleans, Huddle, The Brunswickan, The Aquinian, The Daily Gleaner, The Telegraph Journal, The Kings County Record, and EventMagazine.ca.


charlie dutil


A grizzled veteran of student media, Charley has worked for both University of Ottawa student papers and has covered everything from hockey to Board of Governor meetings. Charley is currently the Editor-in-Chief of The Fulcrum and is a journalist for a small radio station in Eastern Ontario. Charley has also contributed to electoral panels for Rogers TV and has been an intern for Franco-Ontarian news outlet ONFR where he covered Francophone issues and Queen’s Park.

mackenzie casalino

Editorial Team Member

Mackenzie is a reporter with the North Bay Nugget. They are a 2019 graduate of Carleton University’s Journalism and Human Rights program. Their work has appeared in Metro Ottawa, Halifax Star, Chaleaur Magazine, Xtra, The Fulcrum, and The Charlatan. Their work ranges from local to national news, including long-form and breaking news. They specialize in human rights and queer stories.