It’s hard enough to get an abortion in New Brunswick—closing Clinic 554 won’t help

Clinic 554, New Brunswick’s only independent clinic that offers abortions, is set to close permanently at the end of September. Advocates for the Fredericton, N.B. clinic, as well as former patients, are urging the provincial government to save it.

National Acadian Day represents culture, community, and a struggle for recognition

There are over 29,000 Acadians living in New Brunswick alone. But for some Acadians, it’s hard living in major cities like Fredericton. While New Brunswick prides itself on being Canada’s only bilingual province, with both French- and English-language inhabitants, behind the province’s dual history lies a story of deportation and alienation.

New Brunswick musicians find new ways to perform during COVID-19 restrictions

For musicians across New Brunswick, the COVID-19 pandemic has presented a number of challenges. From drive-in music festivals to broadcasting concerts on social media, entertainers are eager to find ways to bring back audiences.

Where does aquaculture fit into Canada’s blue economy strategy?

With the world’s longest coastline, Canada is positioned to be a leader in the blue economy. But the aquaculture industry's impact on the marine environment and First Nations’ cultures has left it in the lurch.