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How psychedelics are a game-changer for dying Canadians

Psychedelics, often remembered as a cornerstone of 1960s counterculture, have been associated with the hippy movement, the Woodstock music festival, and the occult. Outside of popular culture, however, psychedelics have undergone a long journey to be considered for use in palliative care.

Amid looming uncertainty, Canada hospitality workers question their future

Faced with so much uncertainty, and with so many unanswered questions, many hospitality workers are now seriously questioning their commitment to the industry and whether they have a future in it.

In an era of social change, art can be its own kind of protest

In the age of social media, visuals can articulate and contextualize information faster than words. With the recent travel restrictions, lockdown orders, and physical distancing measures, screens are our window to the rest of the world. People are consuming more visual images now than ever before, and visual art plays an important role in the fight for social justice.

Tensions rise as Prince Edward Country struggles to manage booming tourism industry during COVID-19

In Prince Edward County, Ont., business owners and residents are struggling to adapt to a tourism season during COVID-19. Despite initial fears for the economic damage the pandemic would bring, the return of visitors to the county is sparking new tensions for locals.

Big changes are on the horizon for Canadian independent movie theatres

As COVID-19 restrictions loosen, many businesses are finding ways to serve their customers within the new normal. However, independent movie theatres are in an interesting position. Without any real way to generate revenue comparable to pre-COVID averages, most had to sit still and wait for good news, hoping for the best.

How tattooing helps cancer survivors regain control of their bodies

Kyla Gutsche is a medical tattoo artist and owner of Cosmetic Transformations in Peterborough, Ont. Her small business provides permanent makeup services to disguise unwanted scars. Breast cancer scarring can threaten a woman’s body and her sense of self-control. Tattooing over the wound is one way to regain that power.

Siloed in Suburbia: Reflecting on isolation and our relationship to land

My family moved to Calgary in 2016 and settled in Sherwood, a small suburb in the northwest corner of the city. At the time, our neighbourhood didn't feel like a neighbourhood at all: we were one of two families on the entire street, and the other houses were either wooden skeletons or empty shells standing solemnly with “For Sale” signs out front.

National Acadian Day represents culture, community, and a struggle for recognition

There are over 29,000 Acadians living in New Brunswick alone. But for some Acadians, it’s hard living in major cities like Fredericton. While New Brunswick prides itself on being Canada’s only bilingual province, with both French- and English-language inhabitants, behind the province’s dual history lies a story of deportation and alienation.

Colour is not a crime: Calgary’s silent racism problem

In Alberta, as in many provinces, the perception that Canada doesn’t have a racism problem persists. According to some, police brutality against marginalized people is an issue exclusive to the US, and racial discrimination is non-existent. Rex Murphy, a well-known Canadian commentator and author, even wrote a column claiming that “Canada is not a racist country." But racism happens here too.