Tegwyn Hughes

Tegwyn is a Queen’s University graduate with a BAH in History, and has previously worked as a staff member at The Queen’s Journal and as Editorial Director of Spoon University Queen’s. Her journalism interests include lifestyle, intimacy, and health. Most days you can find Tegwyn with 100 tabs open on her laptop and an iced coffee in her hand. She’s also a Virgo, which tells you a lot.
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What do climate activists think about the Supreme Court’s carbon tax decision?

Canada's top court recently decided climate change poses a great enough threat that it needs federal intervention. Environmental groups are celebrating, but say the fight is far from over.

Social media is helping frontline healthcare workers voice COVID-19 concerns

In a Feb. 11 Twitter livestream, health advocates met with Prime Minister Trudeau and Minister Hajdu to discuss vaccine rollout.

Canada’s alt-right pipeline

How young Canadians are indoctrinated into online right-wing extremism

Letter from the Editor

This project was born out of a curiosity to explore some of the TRC’s Calls to Action, how they have—or haven’t—been implemented, and what Indigenous activists say still needs to be done. What we found was much deeper than that.

Time theft? These Canadian workers are more concerned with pandemic burnout.

The Pigeon spoke to Canadians who are working from home about their perception of productivity, timeliness, and wellness. They say the increased mental strain they’re under, caused by working remotely during a global pandemic, is their main concern.

What will Telesat’s promise to ‘bridge the digital divide’ cost Northern Canadians?

This week, the Canadian federal government announced a $600 million deal with global satellite operator Telesat. The deal is intended to increase internet connectivity in remote areas of Canada, specifically Northern Canada. But Northern Canadians aren’t celebrating just yet.

Canadian campus newsrooms are changing. Black student journalists say it’s about time.

From outlet to outlet, a new focus on how newsrooms across the country are framing and prioritizing Black voices is emerging. Student journalists are asking themselves the same questions.

“I felt ridiculously lucky”: How each Canadian region compares when it comes to abortion access

Abortion is a nationally protected medical procedure in Canada, regulated by provincial governments, meaning that each province and territory approaches abortion differently. Here's how each Canadian region measures up when it comes to abortion access.

This month’s election could decide the fate of Vancouver Island’s old-growth forests

With B.C. embroiled in a snap election and old-growth forestry a concern for many Vancouver Island voters, provincial leaders are deciding the future of B.C. forestry one platform at a time. Here’s what each provincial party has to say about forestry and Vancouver Island conservation.