Tegwyn Hughes

Tegwyn is a Queen’s University graduate with a BAH in History, and has previously worked as a staff member at The Queen’s Journal and as Editorial Director of Spoon University Queen’s. Her journalism interests include lifestyle, intimacy, and health. Most days you can find Tegwyn with 100 tabs open on her laptop and an iced coffee in her hand. She’s also a Virgo, which tells you a lot.
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COVID-19 is changing the way Canadians have abortions

In Canada, abortion has not been restricted federally since 1988. While the essential nature of abortion was quickly reaffirmed by policy-makers at the beginning of the pandemic, providers had to adjust the way they delivered health services so patients could continue to access abortion at the peak of regional quarantine measures. While the types of services patients need haven’t changed dramatically, the pandemic has altered the way clinics and hospitals think about accessibility of care.

Burnt out and fighting for benefits, B.C. midwives return to the bargaining table

Emily Jarrett gave birth to her son, Thomas, on Nov. 28, 2019. She knows her pregnancy and labour would not have gone the same without the help of her registered midwife. When she found out she was pregnant, Jarrett reached out to friends and researched a variety of primary care options before deciding to use a midwife.

COVID-19 reinforces the importance of public libraries for Toronto’s homeless population

Many Toronto residents are frustrated that borrowing books isn’t as easy under COVID-19 restrictions. To them, a closed library is an inconvenience. But for people experiencing homelessness in Toronto, being able to access library services is often crucial.

Public spaces may never be the same: Ottawa farmers’ markets adjust to COVID-19

In March, when Ontario Premier Doug Ford announced the emergency shutdown of all non-essential businesses in the province, farmers' markets were deemed essential food services. Ottawa Public Health guidelines for farmers’ markets, however, meant these spaces would not be operating normally.