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New Canadian documentary profiles Pride celebrations in small towns

In conversation with creators of the acclaimed documentary film Small Town Pride.

6 Muslim youth reflect on safety and solidarity in the wake of the London attack

Since the June 6 attack, these young Canadians have felt scared and shaken. But they say this isn't the first time Islamophobia has touched their everyday lives.

Public libraries are adapting to community needs in the face of COVID-19

By dismissing fines and creating COVID-safe programming, libraries are proving their usefulness once again.

My family spent 11 days being bombed by Israel. Oceans away, I feel frightened, yet hopeful.

As a Palestinian Canadian, I've watched violence being carried out against my people in Gaza and at home. But this trauma isn't new.

Behind the scenes on an Arctic research vessel

The CCGS Louis S. St-Laurent has been carrying scientists across the Arctic Ocean for 18 years. We followed a 23-year-old Concordia student who got the chance to join the ship's crew.

What my stay-at-home mom taught me about work

For some women in Canada, parenting isn't just an employment gap.

Ontario has a history of racist police checks—is COVID-19 bringing them back?

Last week, the Ontario government announced a new COVID-19 enforcement protocol allowing police to randomly stop residents. The measure may have been rolled back, but for Black, Indigenous, and other marginalized residents, this kind of enforcement isn’t new.

Could free transit help Canadian cities address climate justice and social equity?

When the COVID-19 pandemic started, some Canadian cities briefly introduced transit fare suspensions. Now, advocates across the country are pushing for these fare-free systems to become permanent.

Where does aquaculture fit into Canada’s blue economy strategy?

With the world’s longest coastline, Canada is positioned to be a leader in the blue economy. But the aquaculture industry's impact on the marine environment and First Nations’ cultures has left it in the lurch.