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Could free transit help Canadian cities address climate justice and social equity?

When the COVID-19 pandemic started, some Canadian cities briefly introduced transit fare suspensions. Now, advocates across the country are pushing for these fare-free systems to become permanent.

Where does aquaculture fit into Canada’s blue economy strategy?

With the world’s longest coastline, Canada is positioned to be a leader in the blue economy. But the aquaculture industry's impact on the marine environment and First Nations’ cultures has left it in the lurch.

University body bequeathal programs let Canadians give back after death

Donating your body to science might sound morbid, but to these Canadians and their loved ones, it gives death a new purpose

Zoom lectures make positive student-faculty relationships impossible

A year into the COVID-19 pandemic, digital growing pains persist in post-secondary classes.

Free contraception is still out of reach for Canadians

A campaign from British Columbia is spearheading the conversation

Toronto gig workers continue to organize despite COVID-19 complications

Foodsters United set the precedent for gig workers to unionize. Now, Uber Black drivers continue the fight.

How Janis Irwin became Alberta’s ‘ML Gay’

The Edmonton MLA on provincial politics, self-care, and the upcoming election.

Canadian seniors are learning to find joy in a world of fear

Despite the increased stresses of the pandemic, these elderly Canadians are committed to finding positivity.

Ontario COVID-19 policies expose the ‘frailty’ of the restaurant industry

Alcohol pricing, indoor dining limits, and unpaid rent are only some of the negative burdens COVID-19 has forced onto Ontario's restaurant industry. Can it recover?