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A new cohort of Canadian teachers reflect on teaching during COVID-19

Canada’s newest teachers juggle online learning and student success

Maple leaf forever? The divisive legacy of Canadian flags

As Canada changes from a fiercely British colony to one defined by multiculturalism, and tries to face its troubling colonial past, many wonder if Canada’s flags still symbolize the people they were meant to represent.

In Toronto’s gay village, safety is a privilege

Two years after serial killer Bruce McArthur’s arrest, community members say little has changed in the Toronto Police Service's relationships with the city’s most vulnerable populations.

Former Ontario student trustees say their 21-year-old governance system is broken

In Ontario, the position of student trustee is coming under fire after being a fixture of the province’s education landscape for 21 years. Former student trustees, many of whom are just finishing their terms in office, are taking to social media to call out racism, sexism, and elitism in their school boards.

Fuel and fire: How a green recovery can save Alberta from itself

As COVID-19 put the world on pause, a decreased demand for oil sent prices plummeting, spelling disaster for the future of Alberta’s oil sands. The province continues to deal with a worsening economy and the impacts of climate change, and climate activists say a green transition might be the solution Albertans need.

The past, present, and future of Canadian English: What our accent tells us about being Canadian

To anyone outside of the two countries, the difference between a Canadian and American accent is non-existent. To the average non-Canadian, the pronunciation of “about” as “aboot” is the only Canadianism they know. Then enters Canadian English. This unique dialect separates Canada from the US, but many Canadians will tell you that they don’t always notice the difference.