Josh Kozelj

Never good with numbers, Josh knew from an early age that he wanted to pursue writing. He is in his fifth and final year as a Creative Writing student at the University of Victoria, and spent three years as a Staff Writer for The Martlet. He’s also written for the Globe and Mail, CBC, and The Tyee. Oftentimes you’ll see Josh running the trails of Victoria in ridiculously short shorts.
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The science behind ‘doomscrolling’

I’ve always been wary of my time spent on social media, but now I can’t stop scrolling through Twitter.

For the Creator

The announcer notices the team, dressed in black and green, emerge from the dressing room. He grabs the microphone. One by one, the players...

Black people make up just two per cent of university instructors in Canada. What needs to change?

Just two per cent of all university teachers across Canada are Black. In the wake of movements to address the lack of diversity in Canadian higher education, The Pigeon spoke to some Black professors about their positions in academia.

Making friends with Big Lonely Doug

On a sun-splashed, blue-skied Saturday last month, Alex asked me on a spontaneous trip to see Big Lonely Doug. I had heard about Big Lonely Doug, but didn’t know the extent of its history or what made the tree so unique.

After organizing two rallies for Black lives this summer, Vanessa Simon no longer feels alone

Vanessa Simon, a Victoria university student, organized a last-minute rally in support of Black lives this June. The all-day event gathered hundreds of people. Three months later, Simon reflects on how activism has helped her build community.

Despite COVID-19 cases rising, Canadian student-athletes in the US return to campus

Canadian athletes attending university in the US are facing barriers such as rising COVID-19 cases on campus and quarantine measures

Fried chicken connected these families to their roots. Now, they’re using it to build community in Canada

The Kims and the Jungs own Korean fried chicken restaurants on different sides of the country, but they have two things in common—a love for their culture’s food, and a goal to share it with other Canadians.

Inside Ben Wezeman’s year-long running journey for breast cancer awareness

In the summer of 2019, Wezeman’s mother was diagnosed with cancer. Thankfully, doctors found her cancer early, and after two treatments she’s in remission. After Wezeman rediscovered his love for running on that December morning in 2019, he started a GoFundMe on Jan. 6 with the hopes of raising money for cancer research.