The casualties of contraceptive care

Getting my IUD was dehumanizing, but so is Canada’s entire medical system.

Online thrift stores let Canadian consumers find sustainable fashion from home

As Canadians turn to online shopping, local thrifting accounts adapt to new demands

A new cohort of Canadian teachers reflect on teaching during COVID-19

Canada’s newest teachers juggle online learning and student success

COVID-19 will have a lasting economic impact on Canadian women

Canadian economists worry the pandemic—and the "she-cession" it caused—is toppling women’s progress in the labour force.

Documenting destruction

The history—and emotional impact—of conservation photography.

Canadian seniors are learning to find joy in a world of fear

Despite the increased stresses of the pandemic, these elderly Canadians are committed to finding positivity.

Canada’s alt-right pipeline

How young Canadians are indoctrinated into online right-wing extremism

Why are young journalists filled with self-doubt?

Campus journalism plays an invaluable role in local media, but some young reporters are feeling the effects of imposter syndrome.

Ontario COVID-19 policies expose the ‘frailty’ of the restaurant industry

Alcohol pricing, indoor dining limits, and unpaid rent are only some of the negative burdens COVID-19 has forced onto Ontario's restaurant industry. Can it recover?

Regenerative agriculture’s role in repairing ecosystems

“I really see this as a joint venture. It’s got to be a combination of efforts from scientists, from farmers, from the consumers, from [the] government..."

Post-secondary students say virtual therapy misses the mark

Online mental health supports provided by Canadian universities lack privacy and close connections.

The science behind ‘doomscrolling’

I’ve always been wary of my time spent on social media, but now I can’t stop scrolling through Twitter.

Online groups help fill the gaps for Canadians with endometriosis

“I just kind of suffered on my own [...] I was told by my doctor that pregnancy would cure it.”

The threat of homelessness looms over Toronto tenants

As evictions increase, tenants say support from the city is nowhere in sight.

‘A game changer’: Virtual strip clubs are here to stay

From the comfort of home on Nov. 27, dozens of people joined a Zoom call to attend the Strap House—a new, virtual strip club.

The impact of a letter: Ottawa community talks Amnesty International

On Dec. 10, 2020, Amnesty International hosted its annual Write for Rights campaign—this time virtually—to encourage global activism.

In the midst of a student debt crisis, BIPOC students are falling through the cracks

Students are putting education on hold until they can pay back their debt.

Two young runners give back in fundraiser for single parents

19-year-olds Jack Amos and Joe Robertson raise over $12,000 in a 500-kilometre run of Vancouver Island.

For Indigenous people, cultural safety means medical safety

Joyce Echaquan was surrounded by all the familiar features of a healthcare environment. She lay in a motorized bed wearing a teal gown, the walls were a soft beige, and the beeps of medical machinery faintly filled the air. The racism she experienced was familiar, too.

Exiled in triplicate

Surrounded by beaches and wintering birds, it's hard to reconcile my peaceful surroundings with the heavy thoughts reverberating in my head.

The world’s first Inuit Art Centre stands as a symbol for change

Over a decade in the making, the Winnipeg Art Gallery (WAG) will open their newest addition in Feb. 2021—an Inuit Art Centre with curators representing all four regions of the Inuit territories, seeking to bridge the gap between Canada’s Northern Inuit and Southern settler communities.