The Pigeon is your source of in-depth, long-form reporting
about Canada-wide topics.

Our staff of young Canadian journalists is devoted to sharing unique stories and prioritizing marginalized voices. We want to hear from underrepresented, inexperienced, and overenthusiastic journalists across Canada.

The Pigeon was launched in July 2020 by a group of Canadian student journalists and graduates. We saw an opportunity to create positive change in the Canadian media landscape by bringing in-depth stories to our readers and giving new journalists the chance to learn what it’s like to pitch to a publication.

Our editorial team prioritizes stories from Black journalists, Indigenous journalists, journalists of colour, and LGBTQ2S+ journalists and is constantly seeking to grow as an equitable publication.

Our publication is wholly independent, and is run exclusively by young journalists. In order to make our stories accessible to all readers, The Pigeon does not use a paywall. We rely solely on donations to continue operations.