It’s time to give young Canadians a voice in the media

We need 50 new supporters by the end of May to continue being the voice of Canada's youth.

Young people in Canada are struggling.

We’re filled with self-doubt as students, loaded with student debt, and given zero opportunities as new graduates. We’ve been thrust into endlessly competitive industries, compounded by COVID-19 losses.

More experienced journalists—often white, middle-aged men—have the columns and the front-page bylines. This means the stories we hear are often from white, middle-aged perspectives.

Meanwhile, young journalists brimming with new ideas are told to wait on the sidelines.

The Pigeon is changing that attitude.

Canada needs more young, diverse voices in our media landscape. Since launching in July 2020, The Pigeon has become the voice for Canada’s youth. We’ve continued to take on ambitious journalistic projects, carving out a niche for ourselves as Canada’s leading national youth publication.

In less than a year, we’ve published over 100 stories, revolutionized the journalism training landscape, and told youth-focused stories that legacy media outlets ignore.

But to keep growing, we need your help

Today, we are launching The Pigeon’s Spring 2021 Donor Drive. 

In order to keep telling young Canadians’ stories, we need 50 more supporters to join us in the next two weeks. With that extra monthly support, we’ll prioritize equitable pay for all of our contributors, publish more in-depth investigations, and keep sharing the stories that matter.

Young Canadians matter. Youth of colour, LGBTQ2S+ youth, disabled youth, and other young marginalized Canadians deserve an outlet that will afford them the time and dignity they deserve. And The Pigeon is the only publication equipped to do that.

We need to welcome 50 new supporters by May 30th—just over two weeks away. Join us today to support youth-led, Canadian independent journalism.

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We’ve got even better things in store, with the help of our incredible donors.

Our donors make what we do possible. By making a monthly contribution to The Pigeon, you would be directly helping us to further our cross-Canadian coverage. We devote a portion of our earning specifically towards paying marginalized contributors, like we did in our recent Tracing Threads project. Other ways we spend donor contributions include upgrading our website, reaching out to new readers, and paying research expenses.

Can you become a monthly donor for as little as $10 a month today?

With your financial help, we can continue to share unique stories, prioritize marginalized voices, and create positive change in the Canadian media landscape.


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