We’ve got big dreams—and we need your help to make them a reality

Hello! Tegwyn here, The Pigeon‘s managing editor.

This past Monday was the three-month anniversary of The Pigeon’s launch. Can you believe it? I’m blown away every day by how much our team has accomplished in such a short amount of time, from mind-blowing stories to delightful podcasts.

And we’ve got much more in store, with the help of our incredible donors.

As of right now, The Pigeon is run almost entirely by volunteers, but thanks to the 24 readers who have become monthly donors in the last three months, The Pigeon is able to pay three Indigenous journalists to contribute to an upcoming project focused on the five-year anniversary of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s final report.

This project will look at the past, present, and future of the TRC, its recommendations, and what it means to “reconcile.” But we believe three Indigenous voices aren’t enough.

We need 30 readers to become monthly donors by Nov. 1 so we can invite two additional young Indigenous journalists onto this project.

By helping more young Indigenous people access a paid platform for their journalism, The Pigeon can better represent the wide array of voices stretching across this land.

Can you become a monthly donor for as little as $10 a month today?

I just became a monthly donor of @ThePigeon! Help them reach their fundraising goal by November 1st.

With your support, we’ll be able to look at the Truth and Reconciliation Commission—and the five years that have passed since its final report—from angles traditional media outlets haven’t explored. I don’t want to give too much away just yet, but from the pitches I’ve already approved, you’ll want to read these articles.

Become one of our 30 new monthly donors by Nov. 1 so we can invite two additional young Indigenous journalists onto our special Truth and Reconciliation project.

With your financial help, we can continue to share unique stories, prioritize marginalized voices, and create positive change in the Canadian media landscape.


P.S. If just one in 50 of our regular readers became a monthly donor today, we’d meet our goal in a heartbeat! Please consider contributing whatever you can afford to help change Canada’s media landscape.

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