Public libraries are adapting to community needs in the face of COVID-19

By dismissing fines and creating COVID-safe programming, libraries are proving their usefulness once again.

Photo essay: Ottawa skateboarders talk mental health and combatting stereotypes

Among the unlikely effects of the pandemic is a surge in skateboarding. The Pigeon spoke with skateboarders in Ottawa about skating during the pandemic and defying stereotypes.

My family spent 11 days being bombed by Israel. Oceans away, I feel frightened, yet hopeful.

As a Palestinian Canadian, I've watched violence being carried out against my people in Gaza and at home. But this trauma isn't new.

Behind the scenes on an Arctic research vessel

The CCGS Louis S. St-Laurent has been carrying scientists across the Arctic Ocean for 18 years. We followed a 23-year-old Concordia student who got the chance to join the ship's crew.

What my stay-at-home mom taught me about work

For some women in Canada, parenting isn't just an employment gap.

Lessons from Angkong: Learning from my family’s press freedom battles

For World Press Freedom Day, this writer looks back at his family's legacy, their belief in the power of a free and independent press, and the powerful opponents that tested them.

9 Canadian graduates on COVID-19, missed milestones, and collective grief

One year later, the class of 2020 still doesn’t feel like it’s really graduated. Between endless lockdowns, stagnant job markets, and confusing financial aid, last year's graduates say things are still uncertain.

Queer Muslims are finding joy and celebration for their second Ramadan indoors

From veganizing traditional meals to hosting virtual meditation circles, queer Muslims in Toronto are figuring out what Ramadan means to them—and finding a loving community along the way.

Ontario has a history of racist police checks—is COVID-19 bringing them back?

Last week, the Ontario government announced a new COVID-19 enforcement protocol allowing police to randomly stop residents. The measure may have been rolled back, but for Black, Indigenous, and other marginalized residents, this kind of enforcement isn’t new.

Could free transit help Canadian cities address climate justice and social equity?

When the COVID-19 pandemic started, some Canadian cities briefly introduced transit fare suspensions. Now, advocates across the country are pushing for these fare-free systems to become permanent.

Where does aquaculture fit into Canada’s blue economy strategy?

With the world’s longest coastline, Canada is positioned to be a leader in the blue economy. But the aquaculture industry's impact on the marine environment and First Nations’ cultures has left it in the lurch.

Postal union VP says the Epoch Times could ‘lead to xenophobia’ if allowed to continue delivering materials

One of Canada’s postal worker unions didn’t succeed in preventing deliveries of this controversial paper, but maintains it puts workers at risk of anti-Asian racism.

University body bequeathal programs let Canadians give back after death

Donating your body to science might sound morbid, but to these Canadians and their loved ones, it gives death a new purpose

Students are leading the charge for university divestment

Across Canada, campus groups are placing pressure on their institutions to cut financial ties with the fossil fuel industry

What do climate activists think about the Supreme Court’s carbon tax decision?

Canada's top court recently decided climate change poses a great enough threat that it needs federal intervention. Environmental groups are celebrating, but say the fight is far from over.

Twitch meets drag as Toronto performers showcase their art

How one tattoo artist’s streaming channel is keeping local drag alive